The most innovative shower in the world?

Grohe Power & SoulWhile the “most innovative shower in the world” statement seems slightly exaggerated, the new Power & Soul shower heads by Grohe certainly do incorporate a couple of eyebrow raising innovations. Firstly, the Power&Soul showers feature a unique “One-Click Showering” push button spray selector, providing direct access to your preferred spray pattern, without the need to twist the spray face or click through several patterns to reach the one you desire. The spray selector is conveniently positioned on the back of the hand showers and on the side of the head showers. Just press the corresponding button and enjoy.

Secondly, the showers offer a choice of four different spray patterns, namely Rain, Jet, GROHE Rain O2 and Bokoma Spray.  While most shower users would be familiar with the rain and jet options, and probably even the air infused “bubbly” Rain O2 under another guise, the “GROHE Bokoma Spray” is truly innovative and the first of its kind. With a steadily moving jet created by eight dynamic spray nozzles, the GROHE Bokoma Spray™ delivers a unique sensation that is as relaxing as a fingertip massage. As the nozzles open and close once a second, they create a “breathing” tension-relieving effect ideal for a head or shoulder massage. As per Grohe, this latest patented shower innovation is inspired by the centuries-old tradition of the Aboriginals using little twigs to massage their heads! Furthermore, since the dynamic movement of the eight Bokoma spray jets is achieved by harnessing the energy of the water flowing through the shower head, there is no need for batteries. A range of Power&Soul shower handsets, fixed shower heads and shower systems are now available from Grohe Spa retailers in the United Kingdom. Even if you’re not planning to refit your entire bathroom, it’s certainly worth considering replacing your existing shower head with the all singing and dancing (literally) GROHE Power&Soul for a personalised shower experience every day.

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