Buying the right shower

Shower EnclosureThere is an incredibly huge variety of shower enclosures available and if you don’t understand and know what’s right for you, you could easily end up with one that you don’t like or one that doesn’t fit your measurements.

First, measure the space available accurately, accounting for any surrounding fixtures and wall irregularities. If the the available space seems barely ample, check again and make sure you consider issues such as tiling width that might reduce the space available further. If you are considering an outwards swinging shower door, make sure it would not be obstructed by fittings in the vicinity of the shower.

Secondly, visualise the shower in your specific setting to ensure it would look appealing and appropriate. You could go with the classic square shower enclosure with a hinged or pivot door, a rectangular enclosure with sliding doors or a quadrant shower enclosure. Obviously, if you’re creating an alcove, you don’t even need a full shower enclosure – a simple shower door may suffice. If you’re buying a handed shower enclosure or door (as opposed to reversible), ensure you select the correct option. This is particularly important when ordering online, as images are often for illustration only and may not represent the exact configuration.

Also think about the shower system you wish to install, ensuring it ‘sits well’ with the enclosure of your choice. For instance, an overhead shower with a long wall arm will not be appropriate for a compact shower enclosure.

For inspiration and suggestions, try the new online Product Finder by shower specialist Lakes Bathrooms. The Product Finder prompts users for information concerning measurements, type of the available space and the type of floor to suggest a focused list of shower enclosures and products by Lakes Bathrooms (naturally) to suit the specific requirements and situation. Furthermore, one can view important practical information for each alternative, such as door opening sizes and height, to ensure careful and accurate planning.

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