Beyond the “standard” toilet …

Close Coupled Toilet
Close Coupled Toilet

The “standard” close coupled floor standing toilet, comprising of a cistern that sits on top of the bowl, is undoubtedly easy to install and maintain. Close coupled toilet designs have evolved over time with more stylish options now on offer. Furthermore, you can create a cleaner look by selecting one of the fully back to wall close coupled pans that conceal unsightly pipework.

However, if you wish to revamp your bathroom to create a more contemporary and minimalist look, you should certainly consider a wall hung or back to wall toilet.

Wall Hung Toilet

In terms of installation, this alternative is certainly more labour intensive and expensive, since it involves concealing the cistern in a cavity behind the wall. However, it looks smart and enables you to personalise the look with a flush plate of your choice. Furthermore, a low projection WC pan combined with a compact cistern can result a in a more spacious bathroom, since the total projection achieved is much lower than that of a close coupled toilet. Wall hung toilets in particular are ideal to make smaller bathrooms appear bigger, as they allow the floor space to be completely clear.

Regardless of the type of toilet you’re going for, additional factors you need to consider include:

  • Rimless toilets are easier to clean and provide a higher level of hygiene, since there is no rim or areas for bacteria to develop
  • Comfort height toilets provide a higher than normal seating position for those who are taller than most or suffer from joint or back problems, thereby enhancing the user’s comfort and well-being
  • Compact toilets, also referred to as low projection toilets, don’t project as far out into the room as standard toilets, which is perfect for small bathrooms or cloakrooms

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